Fit For a Queen

Crappy Club Pic

If I were Queen of the forest...


Last night I ended up heading to a club about thirty miles away. It was an impromptu decision so I threw on what was handy and headed out. That explains why these quick shots were taken in a club bathroom and why they are all sorts of blurry. I don’t have much to say about the night other than I had a blast. I saw old friends, confirmed that I do indeed loathe Dubstep and that Future Jungle isn’t too bad.

As for the socks they are another in a line of the derby socks I buy. Though I don’t roll with the derby myself they do seem to have some comfy socks with cute sayings. I like that they are built for movement so they stay up no matter how long I dance. They are athletic, but cute-athletic, which I’m totally down with.

Queen Knee Highs by Rock Socks purchased at Sock Dreams.


Winner Winner Sushi Dinner!

About a week ago a good friend of mine, Angela, pointed me in the direction of a contest being sponsored by Artisan Socks on their Facebook page.

In what has got to be the cutest, most upfront post ever about a contest the rules were simple:

Artisan Socks We’re shamelessly trying to get new fans. SHAMELESSLY.
Step one: Comment on wall
Step two: Make friends “like” Artisan Socks
Step three: PROFIT IN SOCKS!! Whee!

Basically all I had to do was post a comment and get 20 friends to comment on my post and I got to choose from a pair of Sock It To Me Sushi Crew Socks, K Bell Cow Toe Socks, or Sourpuss Pistol OTKs.  The choice was obvious. I’m anti OTK and I’m not a fan of toe socks generally (Tabis are awesome though). SUSHI SOCKS FTW! So I threw my hat in the ring and I won!

The really cool thing about this was Artisans’ response was immediate. They let me know I won and that if I sent my information in they would get the socks out the same day. True to their word I got a shipping notification later on that night. I have to say, having ordered from Artisan Socks previously, their customer service has always been excellent, but I was very impressed that they would be so quick with a pair of free socks.

I got them very quickly and they were wrapped so nicely I didn’t want to open them.

How cute is that?

Chopsticks, business card, wrapper, socks, and rice


These socks are really comfortable. They are very cushioney and I absolutely adore the design. They aren’t tight at all. I wore them all day and didn’t once have to pull them up. I’m generally a fan of Sock It To Me Socks anyway so the fact that they turned out to be awesome wasn’t much of a surprise.

I want to thank Artisan Socks for having the contest and getting these out to me lightening fast. If you’re interested in socks from Artisan they are currently offering vouchers for free/discounted shipping on their Facebook Page and you can check out what they offer on their site.

*In the interest of full disclosure I did receive these socks for free as part of a contest win (in case that fact might not have been clear). Artisan Socks had no idea I had a sock blog at the time of the contest, nor was I asked to post about the product I received. I’m posting because YAY I won. My opinions are my own and I have not altered them with respect to the socks being free.*

A Bloody Good Time

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. Time flies when you’re distracted by your other blog. BUT! In an effort to make up for that I have lots o pictures for you.

As I posted the other day I attended an event, Disco Bloodbath, on Saturday. I ended up changing socks midday. For the decorating portion here is what I wore:

Argyle Up Top

These are Soft and Dreamy Argyle Topped Knee Highs by K Bell from Sock Dreams. These socks are supercomfy and I like that they are unique in that the argyle doesn’t run the length of the sock. They are unexpected in their design, which I appreciate. It’s hard to do argyle differently but these definitely succeed.

And just cause it’s cool, here are pictures of the floor I was standing on. I was lucky enough to be at Artist Nicole Moan’s house to get ready for Bloodbath and it’s simply gorgeous over there. Nicole makes ceramic corsets which are beautiful.

Nicole's floor is better than your floor

Nicole's floor is better than my floor

After decorating was done I realized I had a sock related crisis. The white knee highs I bought for the event had become unmated and I could only find one of them. A quick run to Target for some Merona’s and all was well.

YAY for white knee highs!


Pointy toes

They weren’t white for long. As the name suggests Disco Bloodbath is not an event that you wear your Sunday best to because whatever you wear is going to be covered in fake blood. The theme this year was “Love is a Battlefield”. I was dressed as Courtney Love and wore a bandolier. Courtney Love+armaments=Love is a Battlefield. I’m witty.

The end result?

Like Carrie at the prom

All in all it was worth it. I had a blast.

Tomorrow look for a post about my contest win from Artisan Socks. It will be pic heavy as well because I have to show you how they wrapped it. Best.Packaging.Ever.

Green Mind

Green Argyle

I'm a lady

And one

My absolute favorite pattern is argyle. I own so many different variations of it it’s kind of scary. Most socks I own are some variant of black/grey/red so I was superexcited to find these while surfing Ebay.

After royal purple my favorite color is forest green. These fit that bill nicely. I believe this is actually supposed to be an OTK but I wear them a bit baggy. As I’ve made clear in the sidebar —> I’m anti OTK. As a girl of the fluffy variety OTKs have a tendency to either fall down (even with sock garters) or bind. While I think nothing of wearing angora in 100+ degree weather binding and sagging are just not doable for me. Socks should be comfortable. OTKs are not.

But I digress. These socks are wonderful. They have a great contrast of color and stay up very well (when pulled to just below the knee). They make me feel like I should be Riverdancing. I wish I had a bit more information to give on them, but they are from China and the label is written entirely in Chinese. It does have a cute lamb on it though.

As an aside there will be no post tomorrow. I will be wearing socks, but I have to get going early to help set up for an event. Since I’ll be in costume my socks will reflect that and will be a simple pair of white knee highs. I’ll try to get some shots of them for a Sunday post before they are covered in fake blood. Yes, I go to weird events. Maybe I’ll even get some before and afters, provided I don’t hit the pink champagne too hard.

Hope ya’ll have a socktastic weekend!

Socks I Should Have Bought

And now for something completely different.

I buy a lot of socks. My collection is currently almost 100 pairs (or trios if you count my Throx). It’s not often that I pass up a sock. In what will be a feature at my whim I present to you the first in a series: Socks I Should Have Bought.

Ozone Fashion Not Bondage

These socks are gorgeous. Magnificent. The Holy Grail of socks.

When I first stumbled on them a few months ago I simply could not bring myself to buy them, much as I wanted them. Like the Angora Spats  I felt they cost too much. As much as I do love socks I couldn’t bring myself to buy a pair of $30.00 socks.

But times, they do achange. I got a bit of a bonus one month and decided to splurge. I ran to the Artisan Socks site and filled my cart. I got both the Angora Spat and the Graphic Zipper Angora Knee High. Ozone Fashion Not Bondage was sold out. I chalked it up to bad timing and placed my order.

I have checked the Artisan Socks site many times over the ensuing months and Fashion Not Bondage was always sold out. I checked Sock Dreams. Joy of Socks. Sock Theory. Nothing. I finally went to the Ozone Socks site proper and was again bitterly disappointed. Fashion Not Bondage isn’t even on their site.

Generally I have very acute Google-fu. Not so this time. I have been unable to locate a pair of Fashion Not Bondage for purchase. It would appear that the time to buy this particular pair of socks has past.  Cue melancholy sadz music here.

While I’m sure there have been other pairs of socks (and will also be more in the future) that I’ve passed up Fashion Not Bondage sticks out in my mind simply for how damn *cool* they are. Like Sinatra, I’ve had a few regrets. Not buying these socks is one of them.

Fashion Not Bondage, I hardly knew ye.

Pretty in Pink


Ballet Slippers


Half Hearted Fourth Position

Ribbon in the back

En Pointe

I have a confession to make. Despite my love of The Psychedelic Furs I am not a fan of pink. It’s not a color that ever held much of an attraction for me, as girly as I am with my makeup and fascination with all thing bow shaped. I’m more of a jewel tone kind of gal. What I am a fan of is things that look like other things.

And so we have the Ballet Socks. I was very hesitant with these due to the pink factor, but I’m glad I got them. They are very unique and when worn with my clear shoes get quite a bit of feedback. They are a bit stringy on the inside so I have to be careful when putting them on but they keep their shape nicely and don’t make my calves look huge, which is always a plus. They have excellent “stay put” power without being binding. All in all, a comfortable, unique, nice sock.

I bought the Ballet Socks by Leg Avenue at Joy of Socks. They also come in anklets by Foot Traffic on the same site.


Gion on my legs

A Singular View


I have, for as long as I can remember, been fascinated by Geisha.  The thought that someone could singularly devote themselves to art and entertainment in all its forms was beautiful to me.  My favorite have always been the Maiko, or dancing child,  apprentice Geisha. They had the most elaborate of dress and the highest of shoes. Gorgeous.

When I found these socks it was a no brainer. I absolutely had to have them. They are every bit as beautiful as they looked on the website, though since I am somewhat of a “dancing child” myself the design gets stretched by my calves. No matter. They are still amazing.

Even more amazing is the Celeste Stein site.  It’s a sock lovers paradise, with literally hundreds of prints to choose from. I originally ordered these from Artisan Socks but a little Google-fu led me to Celeste Stein. I’ve not ordered from the independent site as yet but love going through the designs for an eventual order.

I hope one day to find myself in Kyoto, wandering the streets of the Gion District, drinking in the beauty that surrounds me. Until then, these socks will have to do.