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I’m So Gothic I Have No Reflection

I’ve been in hermit mode the last few days, not doing much of anything except watching Breaking Bad and listening to Depeche Mode and The Cure. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I’m certainly harkening back to my teen (and twenties and oh let’s just be honest as much as I claim eighties new wave I’m still an old goth today) goth days.

In an ode to my days of wearing nothing but velvet in 100 plus degree weather I threw on my Vampire Kiss Knee Highs and a black kilt and stepped outside for a few quick shots. Yes, I should have done these at night but I was too busy rocking back and forth in a corner listening to Sisters of Mercy to think of it. 😉

I just want your extra time and your...kiss

A Singular View

And my teeth stuffed back in my head...(ten points if you get the reference)

I don’t wear these as often as I want to. They fit a bit oddly on me, more binding than most Sock It To Me Socks and it distorts the pattern. It’s a shame because I think they are really cute. I also like that it causes a doubletake when people realize they are not the lips from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though to be quite honest if you get that pop culture reference my vampire socks shouldn’t cause a doubletake).

I originally bought these back in October, but wore them after Halloween. The guy I used to work with who rated my socks marked me down for that and only gave these a six. I appealed on the grounds that I would wear them year round and not just for Halloween, but he stood firm. I personally give them an eight.

Vampire Kiss Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.


A Rose By Any Other Name

I had a job interview on Saturday. That’s weird, I know, and no, it wasn’t for a restaurant. I’m thinking because it is for a high volume business that they wanted as few issues as possible by having seventy people interviewing running through their business during peak times. Or maybe they just wanted to see if we’d all actually show up.

Regardless I pulled myself out of bed, sort of but not really regretting my decision to go out the night before. With job interviews there is a fine line you have to toe. You want to be professional but also give them a sense of who you are as an individual. Since I am fully committed to wearing whatever socks I have when I get the position (well, except for my Badass Knee Highs) it was important to choose something that would meet both the professional and individual points.

I ended up wearing my Roses Knee Highs. They had the perfect balance I was looking for. A soft grey, a pop of color, a feminine yet fun design. They also stay up very well, don’t bind, and the design doesn’t stretch too badly. Overall, I’m very pleased with this choice. The interviewer complimented me on them as well. I don’t think I’ll get the job based solely on my socks (my resume is pretty impressive too) but, well, it couldn’t hurt.

The same shot I always do

Everything's coming up roses

Held out for inspection

A singular view

A rose is a rose





Roses Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.


Winner Winner Sushi Dinner!

About a week ago a good friend of mine, Angela, pointed me in the direction of a contest being sponsored by Artisan Socks on their Facebook page.

In what has got to be the cutest, most upfront post ever about a contest the rules were simple:

Artisan Socks We’re shamelessly trying to get new fans. SHAMELESSLY.
Step one: Comment on wall
Step two: Make friends “like” Artisan Socks
Step three: PROFIT IN SOCKS!! Whee!

Basically all I had to do was post a comment and get 20 friends to comment on my post and I got to choose from a pair of Sock It To Me Sushi Crew Socks, K Bell Cow Toe Socks, or Sourpuss Pistol OTKs.  The choice was obvious. I’m anti OTK and I’m not a fan of toe socks generally (Tabis are awesome though). SUSHI SOCKS FTW! So I threw my hat in the ring and I won!

The really cool thing about this was Artisans’ response was immediate. They let me know I won and that if I sent my information in they would get the socks out the same day. True to their word I got a shipping notification later on that night. I have to say, having ordered from Artisan Socks previously, their customer service has always been excellent, but I was very impressed that they would be so quick with a pair of free socks.

I got them very quickly and they were wrapped so nicely I didn’t want to open them.

How cute is that?

Chopsticks, business card, wrapper, socks, and rice


These socks are really comfortable. They are very cushioney and I absolutely adore the design. They aren’t tight at all. I wore them all day and didn’t once have to pull them up. I’m generally a fan of Sock It To Me Socks anyway so the fact that they turned out to be awesome wasn’t much of a surprise.

I want to thank Artisan Socks for having the contest and getting these out to me lightening fast. If you’re interested in socks from Artisan they are currently offering vouchers for free/discounted shipping on their Facebook Page and you can check out what they offer on their site.

*In the interest of full disclosure I did receive these socks for free as part of a contest win (in case that fact might not have been clear). Artisan Socks had no idea I had a sock blog at the time of the contest, nor was I asked to post about the product I received. I’m posting because YAY I won. My opinions are my own and I have not altered them with respect to the socks being free.*