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We’re All Mad Here

I am a bad blogger and, even worse, a bad sock wearer. I have been looking for another job as of late and job interviews do not lend to interesting leg wear. Black trouser socks are way more boring than they sound. I promise to be better. I have two road trips coming up this week, which will give me a chance to *finally* (and incredibly belatedly) show off the Holy Grail Socks and be effusive to the point of being rabid about Artisan Socks who procured them for me.

Today I took my socks on an adventure. I’ve purchased quite a few lately so it was hard to choose. Since I’ve been going a bit stir crazy I decided the busier the better. That’s how the Poker Suit Acrylic Knee Highs ended up alternately at the mall, at a pub, at CVS, and on a street that is infamous for an urban legend. No worries. I didn’t photograph them at all those places. CVS frowns on sock photography apparently.

These socks were incredibly comfortable. I had expected with the design they would bind but I had absolutely no issues. They stayed up comfortably and are very vibrant.

At The Mall

Let's Go To The Mall...TODAY!

Curiouser And Curiouser

A Singular View

These very much reminded me of Alice in Wonderland so I also wore my Untamed Menagerie Curiouser and Curiouser necklace.

I finished the look with Morgana Cryptoria lip balm in Countess Bathory.  I do love a good red lip.

As for the adventure it was fun. My very favorite part was a quick stop at Carey Place. I had been telling some non-Okie friends about the place and the ‘Hatchet House’ but couldn’t for the life of me find any pictures online. Well, now there will be some.

A quick overview of this urban legend as it was told to me. Carey was supposedly a young neighborhood girl who was kidnapped from Gatewood Elementary, which lies at the very end of Carey Place the street. She lived on Carey Place in a house with plain shutters. Carey was killed by a maniac with a hatchet and then  drug up her own driveway and left on the front porch. The next morning her parents found her and mysteriously hatchets had been carved in all the shutters. The scene was so bloody they could not clean it up, so they painted the porch and the driveway red.

There is absolutely no evidence that this ever happened, but yet the house is there and Carey Place as a neighborhood is very odd. It’s a narrow street which can only accommodate one vehicle. It’s eerily quite and the vibe there doesn’t match the surrounding area. It’s a favorite place for people all over the city to go Trick or Treat during Halloween.  You can see the neighborhood here and almost feel the 70’s horror vibe through the jpeg.

Here are a few quick shots of the ‘Hatchet House’.

And now that I’ve thoroughly creeped you out I’ll give you this. Proof that my socks are better than your socks. My socks inspired an eye shadow. It’s called Danger Sox and it’s by Evil Shades and it’s red and I love it.

Danger Sox!!!

My socks? Better than yours.

Poker Suit Acrylic Knee High by Leg Avenue purchased at Sock Dreams.


Michael Flatley Has Nothing On Me

These socks crack me up.

Like I said previously I have a thing for things that looks like other things. These socks are no exception.  They look like a pair of Irish Dancing Shoes. I had originally planned to wear these with a Blackwatch kilt but I never got around to buying one after I got the socks a few years ago.  For now I just wear them with a plain black pleated skirt.

I actually don’t wear these that often though I like the design. They are very tight on the top and have a tendency to dig in around the knee. Since my ACL replacement surgery I’m a lot less willing to suffer for the sake of socks, at least where pain is concerned (being hot is another matter). Sad, because these are actually very cute and comfortable otherwise. I especially like the wee bow at the top.

A Singular View

Bows Are My Favorite

From The Side

I know I originally purchased these from Sock Dreams but they are no longer on the site. I went through their albums on Facebook and couldn’t locate any information on the manufacturer either.  I checked other sock sites and Google was no help. For now these socks will have to remain a mystery (since I don’t bother keeping tags).

I’m So Gothic I Have No Reflection

I’ve been in hermit mode the last few days, not doing much of anything except watching Breaking Bad and listening to Depeche Mode and The Cure. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I’m certainly harkening back to my teen (and twenties and oh let’s just be honest as much as I claim eighties new wave I’m still an old goth today) goth days.

In an ode to my days of wearing nothing but velvet in 100 plus degree weather I threw on my Vampire Kiss Knee Highs and a black kilt and stepped outside for a few quick shots. Yes, I should have done these at night but I was too busy rocking back and forth in a corner listening to Sisters of Mercy to think of it. 😉

I just want your extra time and your...kiss

A Singular View

And my teeth stuffed back in my head...(ten points if you get the reference)

I don’t wear these as often as I want to. They fit a bit oddly on me, more binding than most Sock It To Me Socks and it distorts the pattern. It’s a shame because I think they are really cute. I also like that it causes a doubletake when people realize they are not the lips from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though to be quite honest if you get that pop culture reference my vampire socks shouldn’t cause a doubletake).

I originally bought these back in October, but wore them after Halloween. The guy I used to work with who rated my socks marked me down for that and only gave these a six. I appealed on the grounds that I would wear them year round and not just for Halloween, but he stood firm. I personally give them an eight.

Vampire Kiss Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.

A Rose By Any Other Name

I had a job interview on Saturday. That’s weird, I know, and no, it wasn’t for a restaurant. I’m thinking because it is for a high volume business that they wanted as few issues as possible by having seventy people interviewing running through their business during peak times. Or maybe they just wanted to see if we’d all actually show up.

Regardless I pulled myself out of bed, sort of but not really regretting my decision to go out the night before. With job interviews there is a fine line you have to toe. You want to be professional but also give them a sense of who you are as an individual. Since I am fully committed to wearing whatever socks I have when I get the position (well, except for my Badass Knee Highs) it was important to choose something that would meet both the professional and individual points.

I ended up wearing my Roses Knee Highs. They had the perfect balance I was looking for. A soft grey, a pop of color, a feminine yet fun design. They also stay up very well, don’t bind, and the design doesn’t stretch too badly. Overall, I’m very pleased with this choice. The interviewer complimented me on them as well. I don’t think I’ll get the job based solely on my socks (my resume is pretty impressive too) but, well, it couldn’t hurt.

The same shot I always do

Everything's coming up roses

Held out for inspection

A singular view

A rose is a rose





Roses Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.


Fit For a Queen

Crappy Club Pic

If I were Queen of the forest...


Last night I ended up heading to a club about thirty miles away. It was an impromptu decision so I threw on what was handy and headed out. That explains why these quick shots were taken in a club bathroom and why they are all sorts of blurry. I don’t have much to say about the night other than I had a blast. I saw old friends, confirmed that I do indeed loathe Dubstep and that Future Jungle isn’t too bad.

As for the socks they are another in a line of the derby socks I buy. Though I don’t roll with the derby myself they do seem to have some comfy socks with cute sayings. I like that they are built for movement so they stay up no matter how long I dance. They are athletic, but cute-athletic, which I’m totally down with.

Queen Knee Highs by Rock Socks purchased at Sock Dreams.

A Bloody Good Time

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. Time flies when you’re distracted by your other blog. BUT! In an effort to make up for that I have lots o pictures for you.

As I posted the other day I attended an event, Disco Bloodbath, on Saturday. I ended up changing socks midday. For the decorating portion here is what I wore:

Argyle Up Top

These are Soft and Dreamy Argyle Topped Knee Highs by K Bell from Sock Dreams. These socks are supercomfy and I like that they are unique in that the argyle doesn’t run the length of the sock. They are unexpected in their design, which I appreciate. It’s hard to do argyle differently but these definitely succeed.

And just cause it’s cool, here are pictures of the floor I was standing on. I was lucky enough to be at Artist Nicole Moan’s house to get ready for Bloodbath and it’s simply gorgeous over there. Nicole makes ceramic corsets which are beautiful.

Nicole's floor is better than your floor

Nicole's floor is better than my floor

After decorating was done I realized I had a sock related crisis. The white knee highs I bought for the event had become unmated and I could only find one of them. A quick run to Target for some Merona’s and all was well.

YAY for white knee highs!


Pointy toes

They weren’t white for long. As the name suggests Disco Bloodbath is not an event that you wear your Sunday best to because whatever you wear is going to be covered in fake blood. The theme this year was “Love is a Battlefield”. I was dressed as Courtney Love and wore a bandolier. Courtney Love+armaments=Love is a Battlefield. I’m witty.

The end result?

Like Carrie at the prom

All in all it was worth it. I had a blast.

Tomorrow look for a post about my contest win from Artisan Socks. It will be pic heavy as well because I have to show you how they wrapped it. Best.Packaging.Ever.

Why So Serious?

My socks are the Clown Prince of Crime

I love this design. I have these in blue, red, green, and purple. The patterns don’t match up on the sides but the fact that they are so darn *cool* makes up for that fact. They are of the trouser sock variety so they are very stretchy and stay up quite nicely. They have no issues with marks where they hit under my knee as lycras tend to do when you are a fluffy girl. All in all, they are perfect.

There is a gentlemen at my previous place of employment who used to stop me every day and rate my socks. He always gave these a ten and used them as the gold standard to which all my other socks should aspire.

Diamond Jester Trouser Socks by Foot Traffic purchased at Sock Dreams.