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Phoever Plaid

I recently went on a nice Sunday visit to the Asian District to eat some of the best Pho in the universe. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that comes in several different varieties. It has a steaming broth that actually cooks the meat as it sits on your table. It generally comes with a plate of seasonings, including things like lime, basil, bean sprouts and jalapenos. I’ve been feeling really under the weather lately and I’m convinced Pho cures everything from PMS to acne to frizzy hair so I was totally down to nom some.

For my excursion I wore my Plaid Knee High Trouser Socks. I adore trouser socks because they have a tendency to stay up and not be binding at all. Unfortunately I went to the site I know I bought them from and they are not listed. Guess I’ll have to bust these out only on special occasions now. Sad, because these socks are great. not only do I love the pattern they are light enough to wear in the 100+ degree weather we’ve been stuck with lately.

We went to Pho Lien Hua which serves the most amazing Pho. It’s fast and it’s very affordable. If you’re ever in Oklahoma Pretty I highly recommend it.

From The Side

A Singular View


Tapioca Bubbles Are The Best

Steak and Brisket. Nummy.

Spring Rolls FTW

I like it when my food is interactive

We also stopped off at Pink Swirl where I built the most monster yogurt ever. White chocolate yogurt, chocolate chips, Cocoa Crispies, brownies, all manner of syrups and four Lychee Bubbles.

Whoa Yogurt

At Pink Swirl

All in all an excellent evening.

I hope to resume posting regularly soon. I have many more socks to show, including the incredible tale of how I obtained the Holy Grail of Socks.


Michael Flatley Has Nothing On Me

These socks crack me up.

Like I said previously I have a thing for things that looks like other things. These socks are no exception.  They look like a pair of Irish Dancing Shoes. I had originally planned to wear these with a Blackwatch kilt but I never got around to buying one after I got the socks a few years ago.  For now I just wear them with a plain black pleated skirt.

I actually don’t wear these that often though I like the design. They are very tight on the top and have a tendency to dig in around the knee. Since my ACL replacement surgery I’m a lot less willing to suffer for the sake of socks, at least where pain is concerned (being hot is another matter). Sad, because these are actually very cute and comfortable otherwise. I especially like the wee bow at the top.

A Singular View

Bows Are My Favorite

From The Side

I know I originally purchased these from Sock Dreams but they are no longer on the site. I went through their albums on Facebook and couldn’t locate any information on the manufacturer either.  I checked other sock sites and Google was no help. For now these socks will have to remain a mystery (since I don’t bother keeping tags).

Strictly Prohibited

Sad news in Oklahoma Pretty. The Prohibition Room is closing today.

For those not local The Prohibition Room is a restaurant/bar located in the historic Gold Dome near 23rd and Classen. While I was never what you would call a regular I did enjoy the times I went (most notably after Biting The Apple) so when I had the chance to say goodbye the other night I jumped at it.

I have always loved the Gold Dome. I remember going there with my mom as a child when it was a bank and staring at the ceiling. I read once that due to the unique structure clouds would actually form in the dome but I never saw this myself.

I wore black knee highs with purple tops. I bought them off Ebay and they are from China so I have no idea who made them. They are very comfy though and stay up really well. I didn’t have to pull them up once.

Side View

A Singular View

From the Back

And when I was out and about:

Historic Floor, meet my sock

I'm Coordinated! (A historic counter)

And because I really wish you could see what I saw as a child, the inside of the dome.

Still No Clouds

While it is sad that the Prohibition Room will be no more the dome itself, once scheduled for demolition (We do that here with all the cool stuff), appears to be safe. I hope it is because it is unique and holds worlds of wonder and should be preserved.

Green Mind

Green Argyle

I'm a lady

And one

My absolute favorite pattern is argyle. I own so many different variations of it it’s kind of scary. Most socks I own are some variant of black/grey/red so I was superexcited to find these while surfing Ebay.

After royal purple my favorite color is forest green. These fit that bill nicely. I believe this is actually supposed to be an OTK but I wear them a bit baggy. As I’ve made clear in the sidebar —> I’m anti OTK. As a girl of the fluffy variety OTKs have a tendency to either fall down (even with sock garters) or bind. While I think nothing of wearing angora in 100+ degree weather binding and sagging are just not doable for me. Socks should be comfortable. OTKs are not.

But I digress. These socks are wonderful. They have a great contrast of color and stay up very well (when pulled to just below the knee). They make me feel like I should be Riverdancing. I wish I had a bit more information to give on them, but they are from China and the label is written entirely in Chinese. It does have a cute lamb on it though.

As an aside there will be no post tomorrow. I will be wearing socks, but I have to get going early to help set up for an event. Since I’ll be in costume my socks will reflect that and will be a simple pair of white knee highs. I’ll try to get some shots of them for a Sunday post before they are covered in fake blood. Yes, I go to weird events. Maybe I’ll even get some before and afters, provided I don’t hit the pink champagne too hard.

Hope ya’ll have a socktastic weekend!