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We’re All Mad Here

I am a bad blogger and, even worse, a bad sock wearer. I have been looking for another job as of late and job interviews do not lend to interesting leg wear. Black trouser socks are way more boring than they sound. I promise to be better. I have two road trips coming up this week, which will give me a chance to *finally* (and incredibly belatedly) show off the Holy Grail Socks and be effusive to the point of being rabid about Artisan Socks who procured them for me.

Today I took my socks on an adventure. I’ve purchased quite a few lately so it was hard to choose. Since I’ve been going a bit stir crazy I decided the busier the better. That’s how the Poker Suit Acrylic Knee Highs ended up alternately at the mall, at a pub, at CVS, and on a street that is infamous for an urban legend. No worries. I didn’t photograph them at all those places. CVS frowns on sock photography apparently.

These socks were incredibly comfortable. I had expected with the design they would bind but I had absolutely no issues. They stayed up comfortably and are very vibrant.

At The Mall

Let's Go To The Mall...TODAY!

Curiouser And Curiouser

A Singular View

These very much reminded me of Alice in Wonderland so I also wore my Untamed Menagerie Curiouser and Curiouser necklace.

I finished the look with Morgana Cryptoria lip balm in Countess Bathory.  I do love a good red lip.

As for the adventure it was fun. My very favorite part was a quick stop at Carey Place. I had been telling some non-Okie friends about the place and the ‘Hatchet House’ but couldn’t for the life of me find any pictures online. Well, now there will be some.

A quick overview of this urban legend as it was told to me. Carey was supposedly a young neighborhood girl who was kidnapped from Gatewood Elementary, which lies at the very end of Carey Place the street. She lived on Carey Place in a house with plain shutters. Carey was killed by a maniac with a hatchet and then  drug up her own driveway and left on the front porch. The next morning her parents found her and mysteriously hatchets had been carved in all the shutters. The scene was so bloody they could not clean it up, so they painted the porch and the driveway red.

There is absolutely no evidence that this ever happened, but yet the house is there and Carey Place as a neighborhood is very odd. It’s a narrow street which can only accommodate one vehicle. It’s eerily quite and the vibe there doesn’t match the surrounding area. It’s a favorite place for people all over the city to go Trick or Treat during Halloween.  You can see the neighborhood here and almost feel the 70’s horror vibe through the jpeg.

Here are a few quick shots of the ‘Hatchet House’.

And now that I’ve thoroughly creeped you out I’ll give you this. Proof that my socks are better than your socks. My socks inspired an eye shadow. It’s called Danger Sox and it’s by Evil Shades and it’s red and I love it.

Danger Sox!!!

My socks? Better than yours.

Poker Suit Acrylic Knee High by Leg Avenue purchased at Sock Dreams.


Pretty in Pink


Ballet Slippers


Half Hearted Fourth Position

Ribbon in the back

En Pointe

I have a confession to make. Despite my love of The Psychedelic Furs I am not a fan of pink. It’s not a color that ever held much of an attraction for me, as girly as I am with my makeup and fascination with all thing bow shaped. I’m more of a jewel tone kind of gal. What I am a fan of is things that look like other things.

And so we have the Ballet Socks. I was very hesitant with these due to the pink factor, but I’m glad I got them. They are very unique and when worn with my clear shoes get quite a bit of feedback. They are a bit stringy on the inside so I have to be careful when putting them on but they keep their shape nicely and don’t make my calves look huge, which is always a plus. They have excellent “stay put” power without being binding. All in all, a comfortable, unique, nice sock.

I bought the Ballet Socks by Leg Avenue at Joy of Socks. They also come in anklets by Foot Traffic on the same site.

Who’s a Pretty Princess?

Princess Socks and Oxford Heels

Two for the price of one!

This is how my legs look when I step out of my pumpkin carriage.
I have been buying socks for years and unfortunately I don’t recall what brands all of them are or where exactly I got them. I’m in luck on this one. These are Fairytale Knee Highs by Leg Avenue purchased from Sock Dreams. I adore these socks and they are the ones that get me stopped most often by strangers asking where I got them. If I’m having a day when I’m down I can put these on and pretend the clock never strikes midnight.