Phoever Plaid

I recently went on a nice Sunday visit to the Asian District to eat some of the best Pho in the universe. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that comes in several different varieties. It has a steaming broth that actually cooks the meat as it sits on your table. It generally comes with a plate of seasonings, including things like lime, basil, bean sprouts and jalapenos. I’ve been feeling really under the weather lately and I’m convinced Pho cures everything from PMS to acne to frizzy hair so I was totally down to nom some.

For my excursion I wore my Plaid Knee High Trouser Socks. I adore trouser socks because they have a tendency to stay up and not be binding at all. Unfortunately I went to the site I know I bought them from and they are not listed. Guess I’ll have to bust these out only on special occasions now. Sad, because these socks are great. not only do I love the pattern they are light enough to wear in the 100+ degree weather we’ve been stuck with lately.

We went to Pho Lien Hua which serves the most amazing Pho. It’s fast and it’s very affordable. If you’re ever in Oklahoma Pretty I highly recommend it.

From The Side

A Singular View


Tapioca Bubbles Are The Best

Steak and Brisket. Nummy.

Spring Rolls FTW

I like it when my food is interactive

We also stopped off at Pink Swirl where I built the most monster yogurt ever. White chocolate yogurt, chocolate chips, Cocoa Crispies, brownies, all manner of syrups and four Lychee Bubbles.

Whoa Yogurt

At Pink Swirl

All in all an excellent evening.

I hope to resume posting regularly soon. I have many more socks to show, including the incredible tale of how I obtained the Holy Grail of Socks.


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