Michael Flatley Has Nothing On Me

These socks crack me up.

Like I said previously I have a thing for things that looks like other things. These socks are no exception.  They look like a pair of Irish Dancing Shoes. I had originally planned to wear these with a Blackwatch kilt but I never got around to buying one after I got the socks a few years ago.  For now I just wear them with a plain black pleated skirt.

I actually don’t wear these that often though I like the design. They are very tight on the top and have a tendency to dig in around the knee. Since my ACL replacement surgery I’m a lot less willing to suffer for the sake of socks, at least where pain is concerned (being hot is another matter). Sad, because these are actually very cute and comfortable otherwise. I especially like the wee bow at the top.

A Singular View

Bows Are My Favorite

From The Side

I know I originally purchased these from Sock Dreams but they are no longer on the site. I went through their albums on Facebook and couldn’t locate any information on the manufacturer either.  I checked other sock sites and Google was no help. For now these socks will have to remain a mystery (since I don’t bother keeping tags).


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