I’m So Gothic I Have No Reflection

I’ve been in hermit mode the last few days, not doing much of anything except watching Breaking Bad and listening to Depeche Mode and The Cure. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I’m certainly harkening back to my teen (and twenties and oh let’s just be honest as much as I claim eighties new wave I’m still an old goth today) goth days.

In an ode to my days of wearing nothing but velvet in 100 plus degree weather I threw on my Vampire Kiss Knee Highs and a black kilt and stepped outside for a few quick shots. Yes, I should have done these at night but I was too busy rocking back and forth in a corner listening to Sisters of Mercy to think of it. šŸ˜‰

I just want your extra time and your...kiss

A Singular View

And my teeth stuffed back in my head...(ten points if you get the reference)

I don’t wear these as often as I want to. They fit a bit oddly on me, more binding than most Sock It To Me Socks and it distorts the pattern. It’s a shame because I think they are really cute. I also like that it causes a doubletake when people realize they are not the lips from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though to be quite honest if you get that pop culture reference my vampire socks shouldn’t cause a doubletake).

I originally bought these back in October, but wore them after Halloween. The guy I used to work with who rated my socks marked me down for that and only gave these a six. I appealed on the grounds that I would wear them year round and not just for Halloween, but he stood firm. I personally give them an eight.

Vampire Kiss Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.


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