A Rose By Any Other Name

I had a job interview on Saturday. That’s weird, I know, and no, it wasn’t for a restaurant. I’m thinking because it is for a high volume business that they wanted as few issues as possible by having seventy people interviewing running through their business during peak times. Or maybe they just wanted to see if we’d all actually show up.

Regardless I pulled myself out of bed, sort of but not really regretting my decision to go out the night before. With job interviews there is a fine line you have to toe. You want to be professional but also give them a sense of who you are as an individual. Since I am fully committed to wearing whatever socks I have when I get the position (well, except for my Badass Knee Highs) it was important to choose something that would meet both the professional and individual points.

I ended up wearing my Roses Knee Highs. They had the perfect balance I was looking for. A soft grey, a pop of color, a feminine yet fun design. They also stay up very well, don’t bind, and the design doesn’t stretch too badly. Overall, I’m very pleased with this choice. The interviewer complimented me on them as well. I don’t think I’ll get the job based solely on my socks (my resume is pretty impressive too) but, well, it couldn’t hurt.

The same shot I always do

Everything's coming up roses

Held out for inspection

A singular view

A rose is a rose





Roses Knee Highs by Sock It To Me purchased at Sock Dreams.



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