Fit For a Queen

Crappy Club Pic

If I were Queen of the forest...


Last night I ended up heading to a club about thirty miles away. It was an impromptu decision so I threw on what was handy and headed out. That explains why these quick shots were taken in a club bathroom and why they are all sorts of blurry. I don’t have much to say about the night other than I had a blast. I saw old friends, confirmed that I do indeed loathe Dubstep and that Future Jungle isn’t too bad.

As for the socks they are another in a line of the derby socks I buy. Though I don’t roll with the derby myself they do seem to have some comfy socks with cute sayings. I like that they are built for movement so they stay up no matter how long I dance. They are athletic, but cute-athletic, which I’m totally down with.

Queen Knee Highs by Rock Socks purchased at Sock Dreams.


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