A Bloody Good Time

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. Time flies when you’re distracted by your other blog. BUT! In an effort to make up for that I have lots o pictures for you.

As I posted the other day I attended an event, Disco Bloodbath, on Saturday. I ended up changing socks midday. For the decorating portion here is what I wore:

Argyle Up Top

These are Soft and Dreamy Argyle Topped Knee Highs by K Bell from Sock Dreams. These socks are supercomfy and I like that they are unique in that the argyle doesn’t run the length of the sock. They are unexpected in their design, which I appreciate. It’s hard to do argyle differently but these definitely succeed.

And just cause it’s cool, here are pictures of the floor I was standing on. I was lucky enough to be at Artist Nicole Moan’s house to get ready for Bloodbath and it’s simply gorgeous over there. Nicole makes ceramic corsets which are beautiful.

Nicole's floor is better than your floor

Nicole's floor is better than my floor

After decorating was done I realized I had a sock related crisis. The white knee highs I bought for the event had become unmated and I could only find one of them. A quick run to Target for some Merona’s and all was well.

YAY for white knee highs!


Pointy toes

They weren’t white for long. As the name suggests Disco Bloodbath is not an event that you wear your Sunday best to because whatever you wear is going to be covered in fake blood. The theme this year was “Love is a Battlefield”. I was dressed as Courtney Love and wore a bandolier. Courtney Love+armaments=Love is a Battlefield. I’m witty.

The end result?

Like Carrie at the prom

All in all it was worth it. I had a blast.

Tomorrow look for a post about my contest win from Artisan Socks. It will be pic heavy as well because I have to show you how they wrapped it. Best.Packaging.Ever.


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