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My absolute favorite pattern is argyle. I own so many different variations of it it’s kind of scary. Most socks I own are some variant of black/grey/red so I was superexcited to find these while surfing Ebay.

After royal purple my favorite color is forest green. These fit that bill nicely. I believe this is actually supposed to be an OTK but I wear them a bit baggy. As I’ve made clear in the sidebar —> I’m anti OTK. As a girl of the fluffy variety OTKs have a tendency to either fall down (even with sock garters) or bind. While I think nothing of wearing angora in 100+ degree weather binding and sagging are just not doable for me. Socks should be comfortable. OTKs are not.

But I digress. These socks are wonderful. They have a great contrast of color and stay up very well (when pulled to just below the knee). They make me feel like I should be Riverdancing. I wish I had a bit more information to give on them, but they are from China and the label is written entirely in Chinese. It does have a cute lamb on it though.

As an aside there will be no post tomorrow. I will be wearing socks, but I have to get going early to help set up for an event. Since I’ll be in costume my socks will reflect that and will be a simple pair of white knee highs. I’ll try to get some shots of them for a Sunday post before they are covered in fake blood. Yes, I go to weird events. Maybe I’ll even get some before and afters, provided I don’t hit the pink champagne too hard.

Hope ya’ll have a socktastic weekend!


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