Socks I Should Have Bought

And now for something completely different.

I buy a lot of socks. My collection is currently almost 100 pairs (or trios if you count my Throx). It’s not often that I pass up a sock. In what will be a feature at my whim I present to you the first in a series: Socks I Should Have Bought.

Ozone Fashion Not Bondage

These socks are gorgeous. Magnificent. The Holy Grail of socks.

When I first stumbled on them a few months ago I simply could not bring myself to buy them, much as I wanted them. Like the Angora Spats  I felt they cost too much. As much as I do love socks I couldn’t bring myself to buy a pair of $30.00 socks.

But times, they do achange. I got a bit of a bonus one month and decided to splurge. I ran to the Artisan Socks site and filled my cart. I got both the Angora Spat and the Graphic Zipper Angora Knee High. Ozone Fashion Not Bondage was sold out. I chalked it up to bad timing and placed my order.

I have checked the Artisan Socks site many times over the ensuing months and Fashion Not Bondage was always sold out. I checked Sock Dreams. Joy of Socks. Sock Theory. Nothing. I finally went to the Ozone Socks site proper and was again bitterly disappointed. Fashion Not Bondage isn’t even on their site.

Generally I have very acute Google-fu. Not so this time. I have been unable to locate a pair of Fashion Not Bondage for purchase. It would appear that the time to buy this particular pair of socks has past.  Cue melancholy sadz music here.

While I’m sure there have been other pairs of socks (and will also be more in the future) that I’ve passed up Fashion Not Bondage sticks out in my mind simply for how damn *cool* they are. Like Sinatra, I’ve had a few regrets. Not buying these socks is one of them.

Fashion Not Bondage, I hardly knew ye.


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