Pretty in Pink


Ballet Slippers


Half Hearted Fourth Position

Ribbon in the back

En Pointe

I have a confession to make. Despite my love of The Psychedelic Furs I am not a fan of pink. It’s not a color that ever held much of an attraction for me, as girly as I am with my makeup and fascination with all thing bow shaped. I’m more of a jewel tone kind of gal. What I am a fan of is things that look like other things.

And so we have the Ballet Socks. I was very hesitant with these due to the pink factor, but I’m glad I got them. They are very unique and when worn with my clear shoes get quite a bit of feedback. They are a bit stringy on the inside so I have to be careful when putting them on but they keep their shape nicely and don’t make my calves look huge, which is always a plus. They have excellent “stay put” power without being binding. All in all, a comfortable, unique, nice sock.

I bought the Ballet Socks by Leg Avenue at Joy of Socks. They also come in anklets by Foot Traffic on the same site.


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