Gion on my legs

A Singular View


I have, for as long as I can remember, been fascinated by Geisha.  The thought that someone could singularly devote themselves to art and entertainment in all its forms was beautiful to me.  My favorite have always been the Maiko, or dancing child,  apprentice Geisha. They had the most elaborate of dress and the highest of shoes. Gorgeous.

When I found these socks it was a no brainer. I absolutely had to have them. They are every bit as beautiful as they looked on the website, though since I am somewhat of a “dancing child” myself the design gets stretched by my calves. No matter. They are still amazing.

Even more amazing is the Celeste Stein site.  It’s a sock lovers paradise, with literally hundreds of prints to choose from. I originally ordered these from Artisan Socks but a little Google-fu led me to Celeste Stein. I’ve not ordered from the independent site as yet but love going through the designs for an eventual order.

I hope one day to find myself in Kyoto, wandering the streets of the Gion District, drinking in the beauty that surrounds me. Until then, these socks will have to do.


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