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Feeling Testy

Angora Spats and Clear Ballet Flats

Angora Spats and Clear Ballet Flats

Day One. This is my first test post. Photo taken with my Blackberry which is a monkey that’s now gone to heaven. More crappy BB pics to follow while I await the arrival of my new digital camera.

I love these socks. There are those that will say 100 degree weather does not lend itself to angora, but they would be mistaken. Fashion before function I say. And I’m right.

I bought these shoes specifically so I could wear these socks because if you can’t see the bottom strap well they aren’t really spats then are they? Technically they aren’t spats anyway since they are a full sock, but you catch what I’m throwin’.

~Socks are by Ozone and were purchased with my own dolla dolla bills. I work hard for my money, like Donna Summer.~